Three thousand years ago the Pale Queen was banished to the underworld. Now she’s back: meaner, crazier, and more dangerous than ever. Only one thing stands between her and the destruction of the human race—a team of twelve twelve-year-olds. So humanity is basically out of luck. It’s clearly hopeless. Seriously: a bunch of twelve-year-olds versus the greatest evil the world has ever known? Please. No way. Unless . . . unless Mack MacAvoy can assemble and lead the Magnificent Twelve as they discover unsuspected powers. But he’d better to do it quickly because if the Magnificent Twelve don’t win, then the world as we know it will be lost forever. And that would be a bad thing.


Book 1: The Call

Mack MacAvoy’s mission is to find the second of the Magnificent Twelve. All he has to do is get to Australia, face an army of deadly elves, and fight an extremely beautiful, extremely evil, extremely powerful, extremely extreme princess. And stop her mother, the Pale Queen, from destroying the world. No pressure at all.

Book 2: The Trap

In thirty-five days, Mack, Jarrah, and Stefan must travel to China and Germany, find the next two members of the Magnificent Twelve, eat some scorpions, fly on some dragons, fight a guitar-playing thunder god, and avoid the mysterious “trap.” Can they do it all and capture the wicked Pale Queen before her three-thousand-year banishment ends? (Apparently, three thousand years isn’t forever. This was learned the hard way.)

Book 3: The Key

Mack, Jarrah, Xiao, Dietmar, and Stefan travel to Europe to find the Key, an engraved stone that unlocks the power of Vargran. Mack has less than thirty days to master Vargran, round up the rest of the Magnifica, and defeat Princess Risky. Will the Key be enough? Or is there something else Mack must find in order to save the world?

Book 4: The Power

Time is running out for Mack MacAvoy and the Magnificent Twel-er-Seven! In just a few short days, the Pale Queen will emerge from her earthly prison to destroy the world.  But Mack and the Magnificent Twel-er-Seven, are all but powerless against the Pale Queen and her evil daughter Risky unless they can assemble the other five magnifica.