Time is running out for Mack MacAvoy and the Magnificent Twel-er-Seven! In just a few short days, the Pale Queen will emerge from her earthly prison to destroy the world.

But Mack and the Magnificent Twel-er-Seven, are all but powerless against the Pale Queen and her evil daughter Risky unless they can assemble the other five magnifica. The first step is to convince the evil traitor Valin to come over to the good side, a task that will force Mack to face his pogonophobia once and for all.

(What? You’ve never heard of pogonophobia? It’s a thing, we swear. At least, it’s a thing for Mack. A serious thing. You’ll see.)

If they can convince Valin to switch sides and assemble the other four magnifica, the Pale Queen won’t stand a chance. It will all be over!


Mack’s hilarious adventures continue in this fourth and final installment in Michael Grant’s The Magnificent 12 series.