Teach The Magnificent 12 in the classroom!

With so many diverse members in The Magnificent Twelve team, there's a character everyone can relate to and learn from. Whether Mack and his team are traveling to historical locations, fighting terrible evil, or discovering what it means to be a hero, The Magnificent 12 offers plenty of opportunities for lessons and discussions. In this section find essay questions, discussion questions, and material on the fascinating locales in the books.

1. Mack’s parents don’t pay much attention to him. How do you think Mack would be different if his parents were more involved in his life? How would his trip have been different if he’d had to worry about his parents while he was gone?

2. Mack claims he’s not very brave. Do you agree? Why or why not? Do you think Mack does any brave things throughout the book? What are they?

3. Mack has “eyes that notice things.” How do you think this helps him during his adventures? How do you think it will continue to help him?

4. Mack is destined to be the leader of the Magnificent Twelve. What do you think makes him a good leader? How could he be a better leader?

5. How do you think Grimluk and Mack are similar? How are they different? Are some of their differences the result of living in different time periods? How so?